testimonials from previous trainees


"I couldn’t recommend choosing the SCITT offered by Sacred Heart enough! From the start, I felt extremely supported from everyone involved. The training involved ranged from quality-first CPD, techniques for behaviour management, SEND strategies, and much more! The experience enabled me to be more than prepared for my first job as an ECT, instilling the essential qualities, such as work ethic, professionalism and time workload management, that are vital attributes to excel in this role.  

The guidance offered from the SCITT is unmatched. You can share your experiences with fellow trainees, and speak to professionals who have been teaching for many years; which is invaluable to hear. Those involved do all they can to see you thrive as an aspirational teacher, which boosted my confidence and motivation to succeed. I would certainly recommend it, if you are considering a career in teaching - I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today without it!"


“I would recommend Sacred Heart SCITT to anyone who is considering a future career in teaching. It is a welcoming, inclusive environment led by a supportive team who go above and beyond to make the transition into teaching smooth. The training I received was exceptional and the knowledge and skills I have gained has made me more confident within the classroom. I believe completing the programme was a great way to start my teaching career! ”


“Don't hesitate to apply, I would 100% recommend Sacred Heart SCITT. The level of support and guidance you receive is great and even when you complete the course they still reach out! This course is hands on, but it fully prepares you for the real world of teaching. The team here at SCITT provide outstanding training from the get-go, you really will learn from the best!”


“The support I received during my ITT year was extraordinary. Everyone involved in the training process were supportive, constructive and developmental in all aspects. SCITT staff are there whenever you need them. Sacred Heart SCITT was the best decision I made, an exceptional school-based training programme”

TIM - science

“If you’re considering applying for a school centred teacher training programme, I would highly recommend it. It is dynamic and rewarding, you will learn a substantial amount from different members of staff, including those outside your own department. In addition to your subject specific training, you will have a pastoral role to fulfil; this is hugely beneficial and definitely adds another dimension to your training. As a Newcastle SCITT trainee, you feel a part of the school and are treated as a full member of staff. It has been an incredible experience for me so far and I would recommend it to anyone considering a career in teaching.”

anna - maths

"The training provided by Newcastle SCITT is deliveredby an incredibly supportive team, who enabled me to grow from being somebodywho had never stood in front of a class, to achieving my goal of becoming anoutstanding teacher. The staff make the effort to get to know each individualtrainee, which created a warm and supportive environment from day one. Withinthe school, the mentors and departments are all dedicated to guiding andhelping you, as they always ensure they set aside time to answer any questionsyou may have."

charlotte - geography

"The quality of training I received throughout the programme was exceptional and invaluable towards becoming an outstanding teacher."

steph - re

"The programme at Sacred Heart exceeded my expectations. The level of support that is given by all members of staff involved is outstanding and the mentors are well educated in what is required for their students to succeed."

joe - history

“Sacred Heart SCITT equipped me to hit the ground running and succeed in my first year teaching. The comprehensive training is delivered by passionate staff. The guidance, support and expertise of the providers gave me the confidence and ability to be the best teacher I can be.”

olivia - english

I would recommend Sacred Heart SCITT because of their dedication to supporting their trainees and ensuring they have confidence going into their ECT year. I feel like I progressed both personally and professionally due to the expertise of the facilitators and the qualified speakers during the sessions. Everyone I met demonstrated such a strong work ethic and were inspiring to be around; I particularly found the Subject Specialist sessions from the English Department invaluable.

leanne - primary

"The SCITT course enabled me to not only complete my teacher training but to spend more time in my placement school and other schools for training, this was a perfect route for me to complete my training through Sacred Heart SCITT, the team are professional and friendly and offer support throughout the whole course"

ismah - english

"The SCITT training was very useful. It was full of achievable practical tips and advice that I could try in my own lessons with ease. It was also convenient that the sessions were planned around the assignments and went hand in hand with the EPGCE sessions."


"The SCITT provided me with excellent training for the workplace. The training was exceptional and really in depth. Being in school early on really gave me the confidence for when it was my time to teach. Any question you have or help you need is always responded to. Everything you need to do well is extremely accessible.  Every member of staff, including my mentors, were all really kind, helpful, patient, professional and eager for me to do well which was excellent encouragement. I couldn't recommend the SCITT training programme more!"

GRACE - english

"My experience training to teach at Sacred Heart High School (SCITT)  has been invaluable. The skills, qualities and level of training has been extremely positive. The progress and journey I took during the year equipped me immensely for my ECT journey. The level of support, the dynamic training sessions, and the well thought out programme was a catalyst, and has put me in good stead to becoming a successful teaching professional. I highly recommend this pathway into teaching’"