our vision

our vision & approach to training

To us, a trainee is not just a trainee, but a member of our professional family.  

We believe the very best place to develop highly effective teaching is in the classroom, supported by expert practitioners and so our trainees start their journey immersed in school life from day 1 and the ‘school centred’ approach we take is key to the training we provide.  

Our SCITT vision is rooted in a set of core values and intentions that guide every aspect of our teacher training programme, shaping the future of education:

1. Excellence in Teaching and Learning: We strive for excellence in teaching and learning, embracing innovation and best practices to equip our trainees with the knowledge, skills, and pedagogical insights needed for impactful and transformative teaching. Our robust curriculum is ambitious, evidence informed and carefully sequenced to complement trainees’ experiences on school-based practice.  

2. Inclusive and Diverse Education: We champion an inclusive and diverse education system, fostering an environment where differences are celebrated, and all students have equal access to quality education. Our trainees experience classrooms that reflect and respect the richness of diversity and learn how to embody an inclusive approach to teaching in their own practice.

3. Collaborative Partnership: We believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement and due to the extensive reach of our partnership, we can offer trainees experience in some of the most successful schools in the Northeast of England. Our trainees benefit from the guidance of experienced subject experts and from skilled mentors trained to coach and support them to become the best teachers they can be.

4. Reflective Practice and Professional Growth: We promote a culture of evaluative practice, encouraging continuous self-reflection and professional growth. Our trainees develop the habit of critically analysing their teaching practices, fostering a mindset of lifelong learning and improvement. Our in-house links to one of the most popular regional providers of the Early Careers Framework (ECF) mean we are well placed to support trainees to enter their ECT years ready to thrive and with a thirst to continually grow and develop.

5. Ethical Leadership and Integrity: We instil ethical leadership and integrity in our trainees, emphasizing the importance of moral and ethical conduct in the teaching profession. Our goal is to nurture educators who serve as positive role models for their students and colleagues.

6. Student-Centered Approach: A student-centered approach is at the core of our training programme. We empower our trainees to understand and respond to the individual needs of their students, promoting a holistic approach to education that goes beyond academic achievement.

7. Resilience and Adaptability: In a rapidly changing educational landscape, we emphasise the development of resilience and adaptability. Our trainees are prepared to navigate challenges with grace, embracing change as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

8. Commitment to Social Justice: We are committed to social justice in education, striving to address and eliminate disparities in educational opportunities. Our trainees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote equity and fairness in their classrooms and beyond. In essence, our vision for SCITT transcends conventional teacher training; it is a commitment to shaping educators who not only excel in their profession but also contribute positively to the broader community, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of the students they teach.

We are looking for individuals who believe passionately in the power of education to transform lives. We know great teachers can have a significant impact on the life chances of our students. In our training programme you will work and learn from some of the best teachers in the business.  ​Train with us and you’ll be based in schools that care about your future as an educator. From day 1 you’ll be treated like a member of staff (although we won't ask you to teach until you have developed the skills through our training programme), whilst also having the benefits of university life through our integrated ePGCE programme (Newcastle University). In choosing to train with us, you will be joining an organisation of expert practitioners, with a track record of supporting and producing the very best teachers.  You will make life-long friends on the course, supporting each other on your journey. As a Sacred Heart Newcastle SCITT trainee, you will have a tailored training programme based on your prior experience, areas of interest and identified needs. In-school Mentors and Professional Tutors will always be on hand to offer advice and monitor your progress. We see the success (and employment) of our trainees as key to improving the quality of teaching and raising achievement for all students in the region.

black & minority ethnic recruitment

We are very keen to support potential applicants from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds who are interested in going into the teaching profession. You may like to contact us directly for further advice on how we can support you or seek specialist support from our partner organisation MERIT www.merit-ne.org.uk