scitt & PGCE

What is the difference between
a SCITT course and 'a PGCE'?

Perhaps the most common question we are asked at Train To Teach events is "What is the difference between..."​

Let's start at the top level...

All ITT providers work in partnership with schools in their region to offer on site teaching experience.  Some partnerships have 'Lead' schools who work within their partnership. Often Lead schools recruit trainees they wish to be based at their school or local cluster of schools.  However, all schools (Lead or not) involved with Initial Teacher Training (ITT) must work with an ITT 'Provider' as only these organisations have accredited status.

​ITT Providers have the authority to confer Qualified Teacher Status on an ITT trainee. In England, Providers are either SCITTs or ITT accredited Universities.​

Many SCITTs offer both QTS and a PGCE (in conjunction with a local university). The PGCE element of a course has additional value as it is often seen as the qualification which teachers need when applying for posts outside of England & Wales.

School Direct
Historically, both SCITTs and universities offered School Direct places. The final cohort of School Direct trainees will be those graduating in July 2023. ​​