Primary Teaching

The Head Teachers of our partner Primary schools are fully committed to the recruitment and training of outstanding practitioners. A placement within our Primary network of schools will give you the very best start to your career.


You will be learning and working alongside the talented teaching staff of these vibrant and exciting schools. Working with your mentor, you'll contribute significantly to the school and the learning experiences of the children as you develop your knowledge and skills in the classroom. Primary training prepares trainees to teach pupils for age 5 – 11 (KS1 & KS2). 

“If you’re considering applying for a school centred teacher training programme, I would highly recommend it. It is dynamic and rewarding, you will learn a substantial amount from different members of staff, including those outside your own department. In addition to your subject specific training, you will have a pastoral role to fulfil; this is hugely beneficial and definitely adds another dimension to your training. 


As a Newcastle SCITT trainee, you feel a part of the school and are treated as a full member of staff. It has been an incredible experience for me so far and I would recommend it to anyone considering a career in teaching.”


Sacred Heart Newcastle SCITT Trainee - 2017/18

  • A dedicated mentor overseeing every aspect of your development. 


  • Regular feedback, subject knowledge and support with your lesson planning. 


  • Subject and phase experts, offering advice and support throughout the year 


  • Staff in your school who are dedicated to your development 


  • Access to your dedicated SCITT Tutor and the central support team 


  • Continuous support and guidance to build your confidence and pedagogy  


  • Advice and ongoing support in effective behaviour management

Our Training Commitment to You


"The programme at Sacred Heart exceeded my expectations. The level of support that is given by all members of staff involved is outstanding and the mentors are well educated in what is required for their students to succeed."


Sacred Heart Newcastle SCITT Trainee - 2015/16

Black & Minority Ethnic Recruitment

We are very keen to support potential applicants from black and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds who are interested in going into the teaching profession. You may like to contact us directly for further advice on how we can support you or seek specialist support from our partner organisation MERIT (