teacher salaries

how much do teachers earn?

The starting salary for a newly qualified teacher is £30,000. Teachers receive annual pay rises through an independent pay review process, and many teachers also see greater uplifts by progressing up the pay scales.

1 SEPT 2023 TO  31 AUG 2024    
Main Pay Range    
M1  £30,000    
M2  £31,737    
M3  £33,814    
M4  £36,051    
M5  £38,330    
M6  £41,333    
Upper Pay Range (UPR)    
U1  £43,266    
U2  £44,870    
U3  £46,525

Teachers’ pensions are among the best and safest available – and they come with a 23.6% employer pension contribution. By contrast, in the private sector 48% of employees receive an employer contribution of less than 4%. Teacher contributions start from as little as7.4% and a maximum of 11.7%.

Teachers work with pupils for 38 weeks per year (190 days). In addition they complete 5 days of 'Teacher Training' (195 days). This means teachers have 13 weeks of holiday per year.