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What is the difference between SCITT, School Direct and 'a PGCE'?

Perhaps the most common question we are asked at Train To Teach events is "What is the difference between..."​

Let's start at the top level...

All schools involved with PGCE, School Direct or SCITT must have a 'Provider'.​Only a Provider has the authority to confer QTS on an ITT trainee. SCITTs and Universities are the two types of provider.​

Core & School Direct Places
Both SCITTs and Universities offer their own ITT 'Core' places, but may also offer School Direct* places. ​

SCITTs and universities act as Providers for Lead Schools (Often Teaching Schools) who wish to offer School Direct places.​

Core places = All SCITTs and universities have an allocation of ITT training places. These places are referred to as core. ​

* School Direct = Schools, SCITTs and universities can all offer School Direct places. Typically these are where a school or partnership of schools feel it will need teachers in that phase or subject area, and are looking to growth their own teachers. School Direct schools and providers make a commitment to support, as far as possible, trainees in finding a post after training.